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if you can't live by the zip...live by the square root

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An interestingly eclectic bunch of people

Maxene Preston Flare
Age: 15 years old
Currently in: Wales
Parents: Separated
About Me: fair-skinned ~ black hair ~ green eyes ~ piercings ~ thin ~ punk
Motto: "These boots are made for walking."

Carter Aaron Beckinsale
New York, New York
Age: 21 years old
Currently in: Angola
Parents: deceased father, insane mother
About Me: black hair ~ thin (anorexic) ~ emo ~ rich ~ deep voice ~ charity worker ~ very nervous ~ low energy ~ zzzzz...
Motto: "My money is made for spen...zzzzz..."

Sydney Autumn MacKenzie
Canberra, Australia
Age: 18 years old
Currently in: Barbados
Parents: married, always away on business
About Me: brunette ~ brown eyes ~ bookish smart ~ rich ~ college student ~ loves green ~ OCD
Motto: "Never use a long word when a diminutive one will do."

Kelsey Della Ailah
Beverly Hills
Age: 18-going-on-19
Currently in: Barbados
Parents: married
About Me: scholar ~ red hair ~ green eyes ~ general IQ = -298 ~ Carter's long lost sister ~ "hangag"
Motto: "Veni, vedi, visa (I came, I saw, I went shopping)."

Rina Fujiyori
Edogawa, Tokyo
Age: 17 years old
Currently in: Okinawa, Japan
Parents: married, work all the time
About Me: fangirl ~ student ~ independent ~ black hair ~ brown eyes ~ short
Motto: "Girigiri de itsumo ikite itai kara..."

Massie Bridget Justice
United Kingdom
Age: 16 years old
Currently in: Hawaii, USA
Parents: married
About Me: bronze hair ~ 5'6" ~ natural tan ~ 110 pounds ~ 25" waistline ~ straight A student ~ studying in a private school ~ pretty ~ rich ~ girly-girl
Motto: "Nothing beats a new set of wardrobe!"

Annabelle Marion Phauna
Venice, Italy
Age: 19 3/4 years old
Currently in: Venice, Italy
Parents: currently abroad with annual vacation
About Me: long-haired brunette ~ brown eyes ~ black beauty ~ has an inferiority complex ~ works in multiple part-time jobs ~ college student ~ very superstitious ~ 100% OCD
Motto: "We have enough youth...how about a fountain of 'smart'?"

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